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Zizi Marketing prides itself as a self-starter with strong follow-through skills coupled with the excellent ability to evaluate priorities while carrying out administrative functions on behalf of the client. With strengths in the communication, inter-personal, organizational and multitasking areas, the company is able to achieve end goals on behalf of the client.


Zizi Marketing’s purpose of marketing is to skillfully assist and build business relationships with the appropriate clientele. This is competently undertaken with existing and potential clients through the marketing services on offer which ultimately and uniquely differentiates us from our competitors.

Public Relations

Zizi Marketing assists clients in improving channels of communication that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their target audiences. Partnerships, patience and persistence are strengths that the company demonstrates in this area of expertise.

Why Zizi Marketing?

Attract Your Audience With Custom & Engaging Content

We pride ourselves in working with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses by assisting on a virtual basis with their digital marketing, administration, performing general clerical tasks, email newsletters, managing calendars, website updates, minutes of meetings, organising of events and many more business functions.


Logo & Identity


Illustration & Design


Social Media


What People are Saying about My Work

“We have worked with Jenny at ZIZI Marketing since 2019. Jenny has assisted us in designing our website, FaceBook page and Google My Business. Enlisting here expertise has led to Leaky Roof becoming known in the roofing/waterproofing industry. ZIZI Marketing is reliable and we love the new ideas that Jenny comes up with to assist us further market our business Jenny will always take the time to assist us with many other problems we have faced and really enjoy working with her. May we have a long and fruitful business relationship going forward. Keep up the good work Jenny!”

Robert Kay

Owner, Leaky Roof

“”I have known Jenny and engaged with her on a professional level for more than 20 years. ZiZi always delivers the goods on time and at a high level. Jenny remains calm under pressure and always goes the extra mile. Zizi is a very versatile company and nothing is too big, too small or too complicated! Also a good networker with many contacts and thrives on long term relationships.”

Stephen Beal

Representing KZNR and INEOS Composites, Bajun Trading

“Jenny is very professional. She has her finger on the pulse and is very efficient. Her professionalism is second to none. I have been working with Jenny for the last 10 years and she is always consistent and thorough. It’s always great working with her.”

Marcelle Rootman

Designer, Cyber Chick

“The Mobile Nurse has been assisted with Jenny’s work. I have an impressive website, which she has been more than willing to update & advise over the years. Professional service with attention to detail.””

Janette Cochrane

Professional Nurse, Registered Midwife, Occupational Health Practitioner, The Mobile Nurse

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