REFRESH and RESET – a great way to take stock and look back at your successes and failures, all of which have contributed to the success of who you are in life, and how far you have come!

Zizi Marketing is excited to announce that as of February 2023, the business is REFRESHING it’s brand with a revised logo and branding, together with the launch of a new website.

Zizi Marketing is proud of its past and have elected to modernise their branding whilst still recognizing the focus on all things related to the environment and wildlife.

Our brand colours – natures beautiful autumn shades – will remain unchanged as this depicts who we are – positive, vibrant and consistent as the sun rises and the sun sets.


How Can We Provide Extra Value?

As a virtual ‘go-to hub’ in the three areas of expertise, namely Personal Assistance, Marketing and Public Relations, Zizi Marketing is able to offer a number of services in each of these core disciplines and I would encourage you to take a tour of our Services page in our new website.

What We Offer and Who we Target

The brand has evolved over the last 16 plus years with so much knowledge gained in an ever-changing business environment and has become a virtual ‘go-to hub’ for all critical work-related tasks required by small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

The business world in which we now operate, is definitely not the same as it was in 2007 and Zizi Marketing considered that they needed to move with the times and RESET, repositioning the company to a fully virtual business and diversifying into offering services in the field of Personal Assistance, coupled with Marketing and Public Relations. The three areas of expertise are our core strengths.

Stay focused, be “HOO” you are!