About Zizi Marketing

We are driven by passion, preserverance and the unwavering ability to succeed.


Committed to delivering the best possible business solutions.


Honest and transparent services.

About you

We have your business interests at heart.


Keep learning and adapting to new technologies.

The purpose of Zizi Marketing is to assist solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small-medium sized businesses with a range of services that allows the business owner to focus on achieving their business objectives. Zizi Marketing enjoys working with clients who know what they want to achieve in order to create successful business opportunities.

We are able to assist you, the client, through the provision of professional services on offer. This will enable the client to focus on core business objectives.

With a professional background in the corporate world, initially assisting Chairmen, CEO’s and Directors, we are able to provide outsourced services which are financially advantageous to the business. We also have a background in the Public Relations and Marketing portfolios with qualifications obtained through UNISA (University of South Africa) and PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa).

This trusted brand evolved in 2007 following a safari in the African bush in South Africa. The name “Zizi” means owl in the African language of Shona – a deep-rooted past of the founder, Jenny Taylor.

With professional skills in the Personal Assistant, Marketing, and Public Relations fields coupled with strong organisational and communication abilities, Zizi Marketing is able to assist business owners on a virtual basis in a number of business service areas.

Evidence of these strong credentials was witnessed in the corporate world when Zizi Marketing was responsible for a number of successful sponsored events and was the nominated person for a number of successful trade shows both locally and internationally. Such events entailed liaison with members of the press and key industry players.


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